What Ranchers need to know about Remote Water Level Monitoring

Do you subconsciously worry about water?

“I still haven’t got around to checking the Hill’s field tank.”

“I hope the bore pump hasn’t stopped working again. I need that water in the hills tank, for the cattle in the bottom yard.”

“I need to pick up that bike in town, however, I’ll have to get back in time to check the gully tank….. I hope it is right.”

Sound familiar? We get it! After years of hearing our fathers, grandfathers, mothers, grandmothers worry about the same issues we now have the solution that helps pick up that bike in town without worrying about getting back before dark to check the gully tank.

Ranchbot is the solution that gives you eyes in the field from your armchair or in-town. Ranchbot is enabling ranchers to have full visibility over water 24/7.

This is all made possible with the Ranchbot Water Level Sensor. It enables you to receive real-time notifications when there are issues with your water levels and reports that you can access at any time. Learn more here.

The Water Level Sensor works anywhere in North America with Cellular or Satellite communications and is self-installable within 15-minutes. It couldn’t be more simple!

Free 90 day Ranchbot trials

Ranchbot is currently offering 90 day FREE trials on the Water Level Monitors. Find out more about the trials and see if Ranchbot is right for your place here.

Be the first to know when Ranchbot arrives

Interested in a Ranchbot Water Level Monitor? Register your interest here and we will be in touch.

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