NEW: Pump control! Register your interest for Ranchbot's pump control.

NEW: Pump control! Register your interest for Ranchbot's pump control. - Ranchbot

It's time to get pumped up about Ranchbot remote pump control!

Get ready to start and stop your pumps remotely.

At Ranchbot, we are always working with ranchers to build solutions that help them run a more efficient operation. Our ultimate goal is to save ranchers time, money and give them peace of mind.

Ranchers using Ranchbot are saving countless hours they’d otherwise be traveling to check their water or rain gauge. So we knew the ability to remotely turn pumps on and off was needed next.

Yes, you will find timers and pressure-based solutions on the market, but they often still require a trip to turn them on. Or they lead to water overflowing. So we went one step further to provide a pump control system that can update, based on your tanks’ actual water levels. 

Here’s what we came up with

  • With a simple click of a button, anywhere in the world, you can start or stop your pump.
  • Level up by automating the pump based on your tank’s exact water levels. No more guesstimates with timers or tinkering with a pressure gauge that still lead to overflowing tanks. 
  • You can leverage your existing Ranchbot infrastructure to inform and automate operations based on actionable insights.
  • There are three versions to suit any power source. Using single phase or three phase mains power? We’ve got you covered. A fuel or solar-powered pump? You’re sorted.
  • When your pumps turn on and off, we’ll notify you so you’re across any changes.
  • Ranchbot’s pump controller uses satellite connectivity, so it works anywhere in the world.

Register your interest here.