Ranchbot Frequently Asked Questions

Connectivity, Software and Data

Q. Can I use Ranchbot water sensors in remote areas with low accessibility? 
You sure can! Our sensors use satellite communications.

Q: Am I able to download my water and rainfall reporting data? 
Yes, you can export all of your water level readings and rainfall data for any reporting purposes. 

Q. Does Ranchbot integrate with other agtech platforms? I.e. Ranch management software
Yes, Ranchbot is able to integrate with a range of platforms to find out which platforms we currently integrate with contact your sales rep or alternatively contact Ranchbot customer service on (325) 208-4811 or service@ranch-bot.com.

Pricing and Purchasing

Q. Where can I buy a Ranchbot water level sensor?
You may purchase a sensor directly from Ranchbot here on our site, or you may purchase from any of our preferred partners and resellers. 

Q. Are there any hidden fees or costs?
No, just the upfront cost of the hardware and the annual subscription fee. The annual subscription fee covers all alerts sent via cell or email all year round, ensuring you receive updates on pending problems or faults. Subscriptions are annual, per unit. You will receive a notification when the subscriptions are up for renewal.


Q. How easy is it to install the Ranchbot sensor?
Super easy! No technician or integrators are required. Anyone can install our Ranchbot sensors within 10 to 15 minutes. All you need is a drill. Ranchbot supplies all of the other equipment.


Q. Where is Ranchbot made?

Ranchbot is proudly made in Texas!

Q. Is Ranchbot an American company?
Ranchbot is an Australian company founded by ranchers for ranchers. Our sensors are made in the United States with our sales and customers service team based in California and Texas. We understand the importance of getting good support and having someone who backs you. We aim to provide ranchers with the KNOWLEDGE they need to better plan their day, to save on costs, and help gain peace of mind.

Q. What type of water sources can Ranchbot monitor?
Ranchbot can monitor any water source. We are tailored for a variant of water sources, such as storage tanks, ponds, pilas, troughs, or dams. We also offer other related solutions, such as remote pump control and rain gauges. We can also design a program specifically for your operation. Please contact us and we'll happily provide you with more information.

Q. Can I move the sensor to a different site?
Yes, you can, however, if you wish to move the sensor, you are required to contact the customer service team to update the GPS specifications. This enables the monitor to work accurately. You can contact Customer service at service@ranch-bot.com or (325) 208-4811. 

Q. How accurate are Ranchbot water level sensors?
The Ranchbot water level sensors are extremely accurate. If set up correctly, it is accurate within 1%.

Q. Does Ranchbot have an app?
No, we don’t. We have a tailored website dashboard which you can load in areas with limited connectivity. You are able to add this page to the home screen of your mobile devise, if you wish.

Q. How do I install the Ranchbot water level sensor?

Q. How do I install the Ranchbot rain gauge?