a proven leader in remote water monitoring technology, helps Ranchers – Know their water!

Water is agriculture's lifeblood, yet it is often the most poorly managed asset in agricultural operations. It is well known that over 70% of freshwater drawdowns on the planet are used in agriculture. What is lesser known is that 60% of that water gets wasted due to overwatering or bad management practices. 

With increasing weather volatility, ranchers, governments, and local authorities must do more to manage water usage.  

The founders, Andrew Coppin and Craig Hendricks began the Ranchbot story in Australia. Testing in Australia has ensured that Ranchbot products can withstand climatic and connectivity constraints worldwide. 

Ranchbot is on a mission to help solve water management problems by allowing ranchers to know their water with real-time monitoring and actionable insights that help create more sustainable and manageable outcomes.

Ranchbot is proudly made in the USA!


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Alerts in near real-time
When water level is high, low or rapidly dropping.
Track trends
Monitor rainfall and how much water your livestock are drinking.
Easy to read graphs
Use historical data to proactively manage your operation.

Only possible with Ranchbot Monitoring Solutions.

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How Ranchbot Works

Tech that is delivered in one box straight to your door. It couldn’t be more simple. 

You order, we deliver, you install and immediately receive actionable insights. 

  1. Your Ranchbot Water Level Sensor is delivered to your ranch from Dallas, Texas (where it is made) 
  2. Install it on top of your water storage tank - it takes no more than 15 minutes! Flick the ‘on’ switch 
  3. Login to MyRanchbot and set up your account  
  4. Enjoy 24/7 oversight of your water and be alerted when something goes wrong or right💧 
  5. Happy with how it is going? Order more!


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Educating the agriculture industry about the importance of implementing water stewardship practices and improving water efficiency by Providing sustainable water management tools to safeguard the long-term availability of water.

For every 1,000 Water Level Sensors: We save an estimated 400 megalitres of water a year that otherwise would go wasted.  

Achieving higher levels of economic productivity by reducing labor-intensive activities with technological upgrades and innovation. Ranchbot fosters employer well-being with improved labor practices by providing a solution that automates manual tasks, reducing time and providing ongoing peace of mind.

For every 1,000 Water Level Sensors: We save farmers an estimated $6,448,000 in labor, fuel and transport costs.