Trial Terms & Conditions

To continue with a Ranchbot Trial, you must agree to the following terms and conditions

  1. The customer is to provide Ranchbot with their contact details, business address and information about the type of ranching operation.
  2. Ranchbot will provide the customer with an invoice of $1,290 Cellular or $1,490 Satellite for the cost of the Water Level Monitor, this does not include the annual subscription fee of $365.
  3. Once the invoice is paid by the customer, Ranchbot will ship the Water Level Monitor to the address provided, free of charge.
  4. The trial’s duration is 60 days from when it arrives at the trial users ranch.
  5. The customer will be required to install the device on one of their water tanks.
  6. The customer will email Ranchbot photos of the tank as well as a photo of the monitor installed.
  7. The customer will proactively use the monitoring device for 60 days to gauge its usefulness for the ranch operations.
  8. The customer will provide feedback, share photos on the installation process, stories of how it is used, how it worked and how it can be improved at two points throughout the trial (30 and 60 days).
  9. At the end of the 60 day trial the customer has the option to either keep the Water Level Monitor or return it to Ranchbot, if they do not think it is useful to them.
  10. If they choose to keep the Water Level Monitor the customer agrees to pay a one year subscription fee of $356. You will not be charged for this during the 60-day trial, the subscription will commence after the 60-day trial has concluded.
  11. If the customer decides that they do not want to continue using the Water Level Monitor they must return it to Ranchbot.
  12. The Water Level Monitor must be returned to Ranchbot within 30 days of the conclusion of the trial. If the Water Level monitor is not returned to Ranchbot within 30-days of the conclusion of the trial, the user will not receive $1,290 back.
  13. Any costs associated with returning the Ranchbot Water Level Monitor are borne by the customer.
  14. Any damages caused are to be reported and paid for by the trial customer.
    Once Ranchbot has assessed the Water Level Monitor and there are no damages, $1,290 Cellular or $1,490 Satellite will be deposited back to the customers back account.
  15. This is a money back guaranteed trial. Meaning you are required to pay a deposit price of $1,290 Cellular or $1,490 Satellite. At the conclusion of the trial, if the customer does not want to proceed and if there are no damages to the Water Level Monitor Ranchbot will deposited $1,290 Cellular or $1,490 Satellite back into the customers bank account.

Fill in your contact details to indicate you have read and agree to the terms of a Ranchbot Trial:

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