Water Level Monitor

Ranchbot Water Level Monitor

The Ranchbot Water Level Sensor provides remote monitoring and reporting of real-time issues, events and abnormalities of your water tanks. The sensor is self-installable and immediately operational.

Ranchbot monitors have been designed to withstand the most remote and harsh climates, and connectivity constraints, with satellite and cellular options available.

Know your water with Ranchbot

  • Easy installation
  • Satellite and cellular options
  • Save time on fuel and labour costs 
  • Detect leaks and faults in real-time

Users receive SMS and email alerts when issues, maximum or minimum water levels are breached. Alert triggers are set via the MyRanchbot platform which reliably collects, stores and reports data from multiple monitoring locations, from anywhere, anytime.

MyRanchbot can be accessed by multiple users and caters for any business, from small farms to large operations with multiple properties and corporates.

The Water Level Sensor is made of ceramic and titanium which offers extremely high corrosion resistance suitable for harsh water environments. It is a hydrostatic sensor which measures water level by sensing the pressure of the water above.

The Water Level Sensor requires a Ranchbot Monitor to operate. The Ranchbot Monitor is a solar run remote monitoring device.

60-day trials

Ranchbot is currently offering 60-day trials on Water Level Monitors. See if Ranchbot is the tool for you learn more here.

Interested in a Ranchbot Water Level Monitor?

Call us on 1 (800) 743-8950 or email info@ranch-bot.com

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