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Check your water assets from anywhere with Ranchbot Water Level Monitors. View trends, usage and get near real-time alerts when there is an issue.

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Know your water with Ranchbot

Ranchbot Water Level Sensor

A simple to install remote water monitoring device that detects leaks and faults in real-time. Save time, fuel and labor costs and have peace of mind that your livestock have water.

Works anywhere

Easy Installation

Save time on fuel and labor costs

Detect leaks and faults in real-time

MyRanchbot Platform


Your source for live actionable insights of your water

SMS Alerts in near real-time

Maximum level reached Minimum level reached
Excessive rate of fall
*additional level alerts can be added if required

Graphs and trends

Displays water level patterns over select periods of time.

Analyse trends to make informed decisions on whether water systems are keeping up with demand, to discover leaks in your system or identify stock movements.

Satellite view

Undertake your water run with a quick glance of your dashboard

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