Water level monitors

Understand water trends and livestock consumption rates with visibility of your water anywhere, anytime. Now you can rest easy knowing your livestock have water!

  • Easy installation ~ it takes 15 minutes to install yourself
  • Works remotely using global leaders in satellite connectivity
  • Alerts to your cell phone via text and email
  • Proudly made in Texas

Rain Gauge

The Ranchbot Rain Gauge is an add-on to the Water Level Monitor reporting all rainfall into the MyRanchbot platform. 

It has a self-emptying tipping bucket that automates your rainfall data and makes record-keeping easier. Analyze daily, weekly and monthly rainfall and export to CSV or other formats. The rain gauge is self-installable and immediately operational. 

  • The Ranchbot Rain Gauge is an add-on to the
    Water Level Monitor 

Trough Monitor

Your solution for livestock water management! Gain insights into livestock drinking behaviors, receive instant alerts, and optimize water usage. Monitor your trough remotely with MyRanchbot. Save on costs and improve efficiency!

  • For tanks of 5ft in depth or less
  • Wireless add-on to a Ranchbot Monitor up to 3 miles.
  • Know that your livestock have water at all times.
  • Alerts when average water level is low or high.
  • Replaceable battery >2 years
  • U.S. dedicated customer support
  • 60-day money back guarantee | Full 1 year warranty

Pump Control

Imagine being able to check and control your pump wherever you are — whenever you need! 

Extend the lifespan of your pump, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, and save countless hours of your time with Ranchbot pump control. 

  • Remotely start and stop your pumps anywhere, anytime
  • Automate your pump based on tank levels
  • Real-time alerts when the pump stops & starts or if there is an error
  • Compatible with a wide-range of pumps on the market – diesel, solar and mains-powered


Manage water consumption, usage and detect leaks early before they become larger issues with a Ranchbot Water Flow Sensor.

  • Detect leaks early and have visibility of water consumption and usage.
  • Reports gallons per-minute flow rates.
  • Provides aggregate flow data for reporting.
  • Set alerts for high/low flow rate and volume.