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Water is the lifeblood Agriculture and yet it’s often the most poorly managed asset in agricultural operations. It’s well known that over 70% of freshwater drawdowns on the planet are used in Agriculture, what’s lesser known is that 60% of that water gets wasted due to overwatering or bad management practices.

With increasing weather volatility as a result of global climate change, this situation is no longer tenable and it’s imperative for ranchers, governments and local authorities to do more to manage their water usage.

The founders, Andrew Coppin and Craig Hendricks begun the Ranchbot story in Australia. Testing in Australia has ensured that Ranchbot monitors can weather climatic and connectivity constraints around the world.

Ranchbot is on a mission to help solve water management problems by allowing ranchers to know their water with real-time monitoring and actionable insights that help create more sustainable and manageable outcomes.

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Ranchbot is currently offering 60-day trials on Water Level Monitors. Find out more about the trials and see if Ranchbot is right for you here.

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