Interested in saving time and money?

Hear how ranchers have improved efficiency and productivity — while gaining peace of mind — using Ranchbot monitoring solutions.


Bob Prosser, Arizona

"Not only does Ranchbot save money on fuel and the wear and tear of our vehicles, it also gives us more time to prioritize other areas on the ranch and get home to our families on time." 

Seth Scribner, California

"Some of the key benefits from having the remote telemetry of the Ranchbot systems, is overall cost savings for every piece of information that we get from that Ranchbot. Previously we would have been burning diesel and had to have someone in the pickup driving there to that spot to physically lay eyes, giving you a tremendous piece of mind

Kendal Wilson, New Mexico

"I can now check multiple waters on my phone before I even leave the house." 


John Eade, California

"One of the best improvements I have ever invested in. I live 50 miles from here, so it's a 100-mile round trip to check water. Now I can check the water 24/7."

Charles (Chopper) Snyder, California

"Ranchbot has been one of the best tools we have ever acquired. It has saved us countless man hours, electricity bills and water. The ability to see how much water is in your tank, at any time of the day, and to receive alerts when you get a leak, has been amazing."


Russel Tobais, California

"It's super easy to use. I mounted it up, dropped the probe in, switched it on and it's completely taken care of. — Zero hassle, no maintenance. It's worked out fantastic for me."