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Pump Control - Ranchbot
Pump Control - Ranchbot
Pump Control - Ranchbot

Pump Control

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Available June 1, 2023.
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✔ Automate your pump based on your tank's water levels
✔ Remotely start and stop your pump with a single click
✔ Discover if your pump is running and for how long
✔ Be notified when your pump is turned on and off or if there is an error
✔ Suitable for diesel, solar pumps and mains power

Why you need it 

  • Set automated on/off rules of your pump based on level or time of day
  • Reduce overpumping by automating the activation of a pump based on water level alerts from a tank e.g. high level start pump, low level stop pump.

What you can control

  • Pumps, generators and solar 

Ranchbot Pump Control will be available from June 1, 2023.