Rain Gauge add-on
Rain Gauge add-on
Rain Gauge add-on
Rain Gauge add-on

Rain Gauge add-on

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The Ranchbot Rain Gauge is an add-on to the Water Level Monitor reporting all feeding into the MyRanchbot platform. 

It has a self-emptying tipping bucket that automates your rainfall data and makes record-keeping easier. Analyze daily, weekly and monthly rainfall and export to CSV or other formats. The rain gauge is self-installable and immediately operational.

Before stepping into the field, make informed decisions about your ranching operations, pasture development, and yield potential.

*The Ranchbot Rain Gauge is an add-on to the Water Level Monitor

Subscription - $1 a week

The annual running fee, access to MyRanchbot and our customer service are $52 per year.

Ranchbot is proudly made in the USA!

    remotely manage your ranch

    Alerts in near real-time
    When water level is low, high or rapidly dropping

    Track trends
    Monitor rainfall and how much water your livestock are drinking

    Easy to read graphs
    Use historical data to prevent future issues and track rainfall

    Only possible with 24/7 monitoring

    Don't take our word for it


    "We run a 4,000-acre cattle ranch  and Ranchbot has been one of the best tools we’ve ever acquired. It has saved us countless man hours, electricity bills and water. The ability to see how much water is in your tank any time of the day, and to receive alerts when you get a leak, it has just been amazing. I just can’t say enough about this thing. It’s phenomenal."

    Charles Schnyder

    Hollister, California


    "Ranchbot has been one of the best improvements I ever invested in. I can check water 24/7, and it’ll tell me how much water I have in this tank, how much is pumping in and flowing out. This unit is just a godsend for me."

    John Eade

    Little Pinoche, California


    “We just mounted it up, dropped the probe in, switched it on, and it has completely taken care of itself. It’s been zero hassle, no maintenance, and as far as an application on a multi-use or in ranch, it has worked out fantastic for me.”

    Russell Tobias

    Hollister, California 


    “Ranchbot has given us the ability to see water level, know exactly how much to pump, and when to turn the pump on, we’re also able to get alerted if that system drops
    below a threshold that we’ve set. We find that very very handy.”

    Seth Scribner

    Tejon Ranch, California